Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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What is Goodzer? Our mission is to solve -- once and for all -- the problem of finding things you want to buy near you. The web works great for online shopping -- lots of sites for that.  But for finding items to buy locally?  Not so much.

Which is why we’re so excited to bring you Goodzer.

Because we’re going to index every product on every shelf in every store in the U.S. Every store, big and small (okay, they have to at least have a web site), every town. Everywhere.

Now, lest we get ahead of ourselves . . . here’s the plan: We’re launching today in just one city (but it’s a big one):

That’s right.  New York City.

Why New York? (We’re not snobs -- we don’t even live there.)

No, this is Goodzer’s test voyage, and we had to start somewhere. We figured, with 15,000 stores and 8 million people, New York City (all five boroughs, in fact) would make a great test. All you New Yorkers, let us know how we’re doing!

In a while, we’ll begin our cross-country roll-out.  Over a million stores in the U.S.

Ultimately, we’ll cover the planet.

Seriously.  Every product, every store on Earth. 

Welcome to Goodzer!

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