Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Additional Seed Funding Brings Total Financing to $750,000; Capital will Accelerate Feature Development, Geographical Expansion and Facilitate Partnerships for Goodzer’s B2B Strategy.

Goodzer (, the best way to find all sorts products from all kinds of stores anywhere in the country, announced today the closing of its second round of financing. The new funding will support company growth through business development, feature enhancements, and the infrastructure needed to expand its geographical footprint beyond the United States.

“Goodzer technology enables micro-search at an unprecedented level, taking it far beyond SEO and customer ratings to present visitors with another dimension of detail. For example, current solutions are stumped by searches for the best grilled cheese within five miles, or the highest quality or cheapest yellow sweater nearby,” said Dmitry Pakhomkin, co-founder and CEO of Goodzer. “Goodzer is optimized to solve that problem, and this infusion of capital will let us focus on how we can help established companies in the local space – such as Yelp, AT&T’s Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Local, CityGrid Media’s CitySearch, Foursquare and others – increase the depth and breadth of results.”

Developed by co-founder Artem Zarutskiy, Goodzer’s patent-pending technology quickly and efficiently catalogues goods from any merchant with a website – offering fully automatic, near-real-time ‘parsing’ of any website for product and pricing data, regardless of whether it’s a single, local store or one of the world’s largest chains – to deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of local product information. It currently sources more than 2 billion products from half a million brick-and-mortar stores, a reach far beyond even the giant search companies.

Local product information is considered the ‘holy grail’ of search, because it can lead to new sources of monetization, whereas product search for online stores has already been optimized. Even manufacturers of navigation systems, such as Magellan, Garmin, and TomTom are designing new search intelligence into systems going into future automobiles from Ford, GM, and others, in order to produce new revenue streams.
“Discovery of local businesses on a scale, relevance, and a deeper level of search beyond what has ever before been possible will especially benefit small businesses,” notes Zarutskiy. “We envision product search becoming a part of everyday local news and information, such as AOL’s Patch and Yahoo! Local. We also expect voice services, such as Apple’s Siri to help people find products that they’re looking to purchase in an increasingly hands-free environment.”

To search for and find information on nearby products, visit or download Goodzer free on the iPhone from the App Store.

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