Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goodzer Releases Free API For More Than 2.5 Billion Products From Over 500,000 Store Locations

Goodzer, the best source of product data from all kinds of stores anywhere in the country, today opens its application programming interface (API) to third-party developers. Goodzer’s open API is designed to allow developers to build a broad range of new applications and tools generated from the company’s data sets.

The API, which is free to developers, will enable online publishers, local-search sites and mobile apps to instantly enrich their search inventory with previously unavailable and hard-to-find results, particularly with goods from local merchants and small mom‘n’pop shops. The API can also be used by local check-in services and loyalty services to enhance their offerings and content. Currently, Goodzer’s API makes available more than 2.5 billion products from half a million brick-and-mortar stores.

From pork-pie hats to smartphones, Goodzer indexes billions of goods daily—from any merchant with a website—regardless of whether it’s a single local store or one of the world’s largest chains, to deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-date local-product information. Requiring nothing of the retailers, Goodzer’s patent-pending technology sources products via their websites.

The API is available at

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